Between the fascinating attractions and the authentic American history of the barrier islands, there are a lot of reasons to think about it as a place to raise a family. The best part about the beautiful Outer Banks is the history, and you want your child to have the best knowledge out there. Nags Head has been the place to settle down from the very beginning, and it has some action packed tales behind it, also. We want to let you know about all these great stories, so you get to know Nags Head a little better.

As most people know, or at least those familiar with the OBX, Roanoke Island, which is just a few miles from the town of Nags Head, was the first American soil to be colonized by the English settlers. Because of this new beginning, it was also home of the first child born in America, Virginia Dare, which makes me want to point out that Nags Head is in “Dare” county.

Established in the 1830s as the first tourist colony, people would come from all over (where it was manageable) to vacation on the sound side of the Outer Banks during the summer. Travelers docked their boats and would camp on sore, despite the disappearance of Virginia’s colony in 1587.

A Few Facts

  • Blackbeard is said to have buried treasure under Jockey’s Ridge.
  • Jockey’s Ridge is the largest living sand dune on the East Coast.
  • Bodie Island Lighthouse (Pronounced “Body”) got its name from all the bodies that washed up on shore around it during the war.
  • President Nixon brought his family here in 1830 to escape Malaria.
  • The first ocean front cottage was built by DR. W.G. Pool in 1855.
  • The Wright Brothers invented and flew the first airplane in Kitty Hawk, just town over from Nags Head.

How Nags Head Got Its Name

Probably the best tale out there has to be how Nags Head got its name. Pirates and looters were very common around the Outer Banks, and they were always thinking of new ways to steal and get what they want. Back then, a horse was called a Nag. Pirates would tie lanterns on the head of Nags and walk them back and forth across Jockey’s Ridge. This motion would signal to the boats out at sea that there was a harbor. The boats would come towards the lighted “harbor” and run ashore. Once the crew left (or hopefully), the pirates would come loot what valuables were left.

A Great Historic Area For Your New Home

As you can see, there is a lot of history around the Outer Banks, and it would be the perfect place for your New Nags Head Home. We have only provided a few, good facts and stories about the area, but there are tons more. You will be happy with the information you and your children will learn from living here! Contact our Outer Banks Realtor to see what is out there for you!